Wanted: 12 York Ladies Ready To Transform From Unfit, Stressed & Exhausted to Healthier and Fitter With Total Body Confidence

Our Total Body Confidence Program is perfect for ladies in York ready to look and feel the way they used to and want the self confidence to lead a happier, healthier life. Click below for more info on how to get started

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why Start Your body transformation Journey with us?

Over 100+ Successful Body Transformations and Still Counting

Zero Judgment

From the moment you step into the gym, you'll feel included. We are known for our friendly atmosphere and strive to create a no-judgment place to come along and work out. with confidence.

Support and Guidance

All our sessions are fully coached by our super friendly staff. classes are small which means our attention to detail is fantastic, our coaches can see if anyone is struggling or who needs that extra push.

Family-Friendly and Fun

We have parent and child sessions where you can work out while kids play alongside us. We have a visible waiting area for older children to chill out while parents work out as well.

What's Included in Your Transformation Program

  • Up to 3 personal training sessions with one of our fitness coached designed to help you stat motivated while boosting your fitness levels and burning extra calories.
  • Take the guesswork of knowing what to eat with our "no diet" nutrition plan, designed to boost your metabolism, while keeping you full and keeping the cravings at bay.
  • Become part of our supportive and friendly club for the next 28 days and we'll show you how you can start your transformation journey and have fun at the same time in a supportive environment.

Here's What You Can Expect From Our Total Body Confidence Transformation Program

  • Transforming Busy York Ladies From Stressed, Exhausted and Overweight to Healthy and in Control of How They Look and Feel
  • Boost your self confidence AND Body Confidence you can lead a healthy happy life on YOUR terms.
  • Boost energy and fitness levels with our exclusive fully coach led sessions at our private fitness studio.

Meet your Transformation Coach


I'm  Steve, Your Transformation Coach

My Name is Coach Steven Paffett and I've been helping Ladies in York Transform their Bodies and minds with my unique fitness and nutrition system. Over the coming weeks, I'll help you get started on your journey to getting in great shape and start transforming your body and your body confidence at my exclusive Personal Training Studio in York.

What Ladies in York Are Saying About Ouch Potato

"Helped Me Rebuild My Confidence in My Bodies Strength"

"I was looking to join a gym that would help and support me. I joined Ouch Potato in January 2020 and with wonderful support and encouragement from the team. Ouch Potato has helped me rebuild confidence in my bodies strength."

Georgina Yandle Aged 45

Busy Mum, York

"Rebecca Lost 1.5 Stone and is Fittest She's Been For Years

" Since becoming a member at Ouch Potato, I've lost 21lbs and I'm by far the fittest I've been in years"

Rebecca Forshaw - Aged 35

Product Manager, York

Total Body Transformation For Fran

"Fran has dropped over 2 dress sizes and achieved a total body transformation since working with the team at Ouch Potato"

Fran Coulson- Aged 35

Civil Servant, York

Ready To Get Started on Your Body Transformation Journey

Places are strictly limited and time is limited so you can click on the link below find out more info on how to get started and not miss out on this unique opportunity.