Motivating and Inspiring the people of Acomb and Thirsk to Look and Feel Better, Be More Confident and Achieve Fitness Goals in a Fun, Friendly Environment

To discover how we can help you get your fitness and motivation levels back and take back control of your health and energy levels simply click on the button below to arrange a free consultation.

Why We’re Different

Zero Judgment

From the moment you step into the gym, you will feel included. We are known for our friendly atmosphere and strive to create a no-judgment place to come along and work out. with confidence.

Support and Guidance

All our sessions are fully coached by our super friendly staff. classes are small which means our attention to detail is fantastic, our coaches can see if anyone is struggling or who needs that extra push.

Family-Friendly and Fun

We have parent and child sessions where you can work out while kids play alongside us. We have a visible waiting area for older children to chill out in while parents work out.

Your Pathway to Success


Come and See Us

Come in for a chat to tell us more about your personal goals. Choose from our range of programmes and discover which journey is right for you.



Make a plan - you tell us your goals, we create a custom membership which will get you there!



It's time to TRANSFORM your body and take back control of your fitness!


Feel Amazing

Become a better and more confident version of yourself, while looking and feeling amazing!

Discover How We Can Help You Take Back Control of Your Health & Fitness, Energy Levels and Motivation

Click the button below to arrange a free consultation

Your Pathway to Success

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"I have endless energy to help me run around after my grandson"

Caroline has lost 2 stone with us, toned up, gained strength and confidence and feel fab. She loves that she can bring her grandson along to sessions and the flexibility and support during sessions.


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"Friendly atmosphere and the great encouragement from the coaches"

Quinten has lost weight with us, has gained strength and has even helped him get into a better mindset during his study time.


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"I have got my self esteem back, I've got more energy, I have made some great friends here"

Sandi loves coming to Ouch potato, she has made friends, gained confidence and feels full of energy after going through a bit of a slump during lockdown.


Take back control of your health and energy levels

We Can Help You Feel Confident and Comfortable to Exercise

Does the thought of stepping into a busy gym fill you with dread? Do you feel like you have no idea where to start with the equipment? Do you feel like you need to make a change and improve your health and wellbeing but have no idea where to begin? Our personal approach to fitness could be the answer for you. Our friendly and patient coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.

At Ouch Potato we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be the healthiest version of yourself. In order to be that way, you need to create healthy habits to help you lose weight, get fit and transform your body.

The challenge is conflicting information about what to do to get the results you want, which makes you feel lost and confused.

We believe transforming your health and fitness is as simple as creating healthy habits. We understand you may have tried and failed in the past. That’s why our program is designed to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want.

Here's how it works:

  1. 1
    Come and see us
  2. 2
    Plan your fitness journey with us
  3. 3
    Transform yourself and feel amazing

So book a visit now, so you can stop feeling rubbish and start taking back control.

Discover How We Can Help You Take Back Control of Your Health & Fitness, Energy Levels and Motivation

Click the button below to arrange a free consultation